The First Time (1978) or: How to separate sex from sex with Anthony Spinelli

Have you ever pondered about the question of how a film centered around authentic, thus outwardly far more equable renditions of intercourse can manage to tell encounter from encounter, to dinstinguish the metaphysical weight being thrown around so freely? Anthony Spinelli’s “The First Time”, the prolific director’s final offering in a longstanding streak of outré, highly avantgarde films preceding his second coming as careful constructor of more narratively inclined fare, seems to have been constructed entirely around this very idea and adds the further challenge of answering without ever sacrificing its carelessly understated tone. Weiterlesen…

Self-destructing renditions of life and death on video: The Devil’s Bloody Playthings (2005)

    Well, I saw a man walking on the water, walkin’
    Coming right at me from the other side
    Calling out my name
    And, “Do not be afraid, now!”
    Feet begin to run, run, run
    Pounding in my brain

    (Richard Hell & the Voidoids – Walking on the Water)


Leben, Lachen, Laufen und Kohle – The Molly Maguires (1970)

    O what can you give me?
    Say the sad bells of Rhymney.

    Is there hope for the future?
    Cry the brown bells of Merthyr.

    Who made the mineowner?
    Say the black bells of Rhondda.

    And who robbed the miner?
    Cry the grim bells of Blaina.

    (Idris Davies – Gwalia Deserta XV)


Midnight Confessions #05: The Pink Ladies (1979)

    You’re a kid Casanova, you’re no Joseph
    It’s a labor of love fucking yourself to death
    Orgasm addict, you’re an orgasm addict

    (Buzzcocks – Orgasm Addict)


100 deutsche Lieblingsfilme #72: Phantasmagoria (2017)

    Und die Möwen, froh und heiter,
    kleckern öfter was auf’s Deck,
    doch der Moses nimmt den Schrubber
    und fegt alles wieder weg.
    Holahi, holaho, holahia, hia, hia, holaho!

    (Eine Seefahrt, die ist lustig – deutsches Volkslied)


Auch im Mann steckt bloß ein großes Kind: Oriental Baby Sitter (1977)

    My girl babysits for someone on her block
    Then I come up to join her and we start to rock
    The baby hears the beat and man it is a shock
    When he goes ‘Ggggg-gggg’

    (Buzz Clifford – Baby Sittin’ Boogie)


Fragmentfischen im Naturtrüben: Dear Dead Delilah (1972)

    Es ist schon die Axt den Bäumen an die Wurzel gelegt. Darum, welcher Baum nicht gute Frucht bringt, wird abgehauen und ins Feuer geworfen.

    (Matthaeus 3:10)


Midnight Confessions #04: Mary! Mary! (1977)

    So if you meet me
    Have some courtesy
    Have some sympathy, and some taste
    Use all your well-learned politesse
    Or I’ll lay your soul to waste, mm yeah

    (The Rolling Stones – Sympathy for the Devil)


Die große Nutzlosigkeit und die Natur der Dinge – The Mechanic (1972)

„Wenn du dich konzentrierst und in Trance gerätst; wenn du in Meditation sitzt und deine Aufmerksamkeit auf ein Objekt richtest; wenn du deinen Geist in Gewahrsein und Betrachtung ruhen läßt und den Weg wie eine mechanische Puppe praktizierst – wann wirst du da je dein Ziel erreichen?“
(Baozhi, Die Natur der Dinge[1])

‘The pain of being a woman is too severe!’ – The films of Roberta Findlay: Fantasex (1976)

    Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?
    Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality

    (Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody)