Remembrances floating between two dates – Walter E. Sear (1930 – 2010)

Walter E. Sear in „Lurkers“ (Roberta Findlay, 1988)

    To the eternal love of Walter E. Sear and Roberta Findlay

Between the the 27th and 29th of April 2020 the footprint Walter E. Sear left in the world of music, filmmaking but more than that human interaction lingers on especially dominant before gradually retreating again to where all things now unliving and carried on by fond memories alone reside. For today is stuck precisely between what would have been his 90th birthday and what will be the 10th anniversary, the first real milestone, the harshest one for most bereaved, of his passing. Sear, a New Yorker since practically ever, his family moved to Queens when he was only one year old, and forever, was a pioneering recording engineer and tinkerer on all things emitting peculiar sounds, a musician and composer, he produced films, wrote, scored, directed and sold them as successfully as he sold instruments. And that’s only half it, a person like him can only ever be measured in half truths and thinly veiled wonder. He was a true powerhouse of creative thought. Thought that must have connected him easily and even in fleeting everyday passing to another powerhouse of imaginative ventures when they first ran past each other in the decidedly non-romantic offices their different yet closely entwined lines of work made them frequent. Walter E. Sear and Roberta Findlay met in 1976, petty circumstances, while visiting a fellow yet inconsequential for theirs connection and they grew inseparable soon after. Weiterlesen…

Contortions of a mind in perpetual decline – Portraits of Andrea Palmer (2018)

„Portraits of Andrea Palmer“, the first feature film for both and directed in conjunction by a certain „C. Huston“ and film preservationist collective Vinegar Syndrome’s Joe Rubin (billed under his film board nom de guerre „J[ohn]. Lyons“), is in many ways an unusual venture – when measured against its date of production, even a deeply anachronistic one. For it is not merely a superficial hommage to the long-gone Golden Age of Porn that raged in American cinemas for some approximately 15 years from the very late 60’s to the mid-80’s, elicits it’s filmic (as in analogue filmmaking, granularity and a color cast unique to employed – 16mm here – stock) as well as organisitional (as in centered around, not working with unsimulated renditions of intercourse) structure, shares it’s curious interest in gloomy subject matter coupled with precise gaugings of female suffering, but actually possesses a profound understanding of it’s highly specific employment of filmed sex like few, if any, modern efforts. Weiterlesen…

The First Time (1978) or: How to separate sex from sex with Anthony Spinelli

Have you ever pondered about the question of how a film centered around authentic, thus outwardly far more equable renditions of intercourse can manage to tell encounter from encounter, to dinstinguish the metaphysical weight being thrown around so freely? Anthony Spinelli’s „The First Time“, the prolific director’s final offering in a longstanding streak of outré, highly avantgarde films preceding his second coming as careful constructor of more narratively inclined fare, seems to have been constructed entirely around this very idea and adds the further challenge of answering without ever sacrificing its carelessly understated tone. Weiterlesen…

Calling it a day in Neon Hell: Night City (2015)

    Life is like a B-picture script. It’s that corny. If I had my life story offered to me to film, I’d turn it down.
    (Kirk Douglas)


Self-destructing renditions of life and death on video: The Devil’s Bloody Playthings (2005)

    Well, I saw a man walking on the water, walkin‘
    Coming right at me from the other side
    Calling out my name
    And, „Do not be afraid, now!“
    Feet begin to run, run, run
    Pounding in my brain

    (Richard Hell & the Voidoids – Walking on the Water)


Midnight Confessions #05: The Pink Ladies (1979)

    You’re a kid Casanova, you’re no Joseph
    It’s a labor of love fucking yourself to death
    Orgasm addict, you’re an orgasm addict

    (Buzzcocks – Orgasm Addict)


Midnight Confessions #04: Mary! Mary! (1977)

    So if you meet me
    Have some courtesy
    Have some sympathy, and some taste
    Use all your well-learned politesse
    Or I’ll lay your soul to waste, mm yeah

    (The Rolling Stones – Sympathy for the Devil)


Film and book (#15): Marco Siedelmann – Good Hot Stuff: The Life and Times of Gay Film Pioneer Jack Deveau (2019)

    Our films are live Disney movies, if we hold them out of circulation for 5 to 6 years, they’re PINOCCHIO all over again – playing to a brand-new audience. The number of people interested in porno is probably fixed in relation to the population. This is literature of a kind – I don’t know how it’s recognized today, but we’ve created a large body of it – maybe it’s the Mickey Mouse of the year 2000!

    (Jack Deveau)


‚The pain of being a woman is too severe!‘ – The films of Roberta Findlay: Psychogeographic coping on Fire Island

    I’ll find a place somewhere in the corner
    I’m gonna waste the rest of my days
    Just watching patiently from the window
    Just waiting, seasons change

    BRIAN ENO – I’ll Come Running

    Just keep on like I do and pay no attention. You’ll find that people always will complain about the atmosphere, either too hot or too cold too bright or too dark, days too short or too long.

    FRANK O’HARA – A True Account of Talking to The Sun on Fire Island


‚The pain of being a woman is too severe!‘ – The films of Roberta Findlay: Mascara (1983)

    Deep in the heart of a lonely city
    I wandered sad and all alone
    Then in the heart of a lonely city
    I saw the girl that I want for my own

    (John Leyton – Lonely City)