Contortions of a mind in perpetual decline – Portraits of Andrea Palmer (2018)

„Portraits of Andrea Palmer“, the first feature film for both and directed in conjunction by a certain „C. Huston“ and film preservationist collective Vinegar Syndrome’s Joe Rubin (billed under his film board nom de guerre „J[ohn]. Lyons“), is in many ways an unusual venture – when measured against its date of production, even a deeply anachronistic one. For it is not merely a superficial hommage to the long-gone Golden Age of Porn that raged in American cinemas for some approximately 15 years from the very late 60’s to the mid-80’s, elicits it’s filmic (as in analogue filmmaking, granularity and a color cast unique to employed – 16mm here – stock) as well as organisitional (as in centered around, not working with unsimulated renditions of intercourse) structure, shares it’s curious interest in gloomy subject matter coupled with precise gaugings of female suffering, but actually possesses a profound understanding of it’s highly specific employment of filmed sex like few, if any, modern efforts. Weiterlesen…

Seelenwucherungen am Gewebe – Skepp till Indialand (1947)

    I wish I was stronger; I wish I was thinner
    I wish I didn’t have this nose
    These ears that stick out remind me of my father
    And I don’t want to be reminded at all
    The final disappointment

    (Lou Reed – Harry’s Circumcision)