Zitat der Woche

In 1973, fresh out of Syracuse University, the video artist Bill Viola went to visit a friend in San Francisco who took him straight from the airport to a camping trip in the desert. “We drove down to Death Valley and arrived at Zabriskie Point at midnight under a full moon. In the next two days, my life was changed,“ Mr. Viola recalled recently. “I realized that, growing up in New York, I’d never seen 75 miles straight in front of me in all directions at once.

“Two things happen. Your self shrinks to an insignificant black speck on the face of the planet that could be flicked off at any moment, like a little bug. You become humbled by the scope. The second thing that happens is your self expands. When you engage something in vision, literally a part of you goes out 75 miles to touch that, and you realize that what you see is not separate from your self.“

zitiert nach Don Shewey: An Artist Finds Poetry in Videotape
aus der US-amerikanischen Tageszeitung The New York Times
veröffentlicht am 08. November 1987