Somatische Verdichtungen im Außerweltlichen – Los ojos del doctor Orloff (1978)

    You took the dream I had for us
    Turned my dreams into dust
    I watch a phone that never rings
    I watch a door that never rings
    Bring you back into my life
    Turn this darkness into light
    I’m all alone in this house
    Turn this house to a home

    (Four Tops – Seven Rooms of Gloom)


Betten, die die Welt bedeuten – Weiße Haut auf schwarzen Schenkeln (1976)

    How I’d like to look into that little book
    The one that has the lock and key
    And know the boy that you care for
    The boy who’s in your diary

    (Neil Sedaka – The Diary)


Gott wird euch alle strafen – 1000 dollari sul nero (1966)

    Kneel at the cross, give your idols up
    Look unto realms above
    Turn not away to life’s sparkling cup
    Trust only in His love

    (The Louvin Brothers – Kneel at the Cross)


Shapes of an alternate reality – Il gatto a nove code (1971)

    The dreams I dream only the lonely dream
    Of lips as warm as May
    That hopeless scheme only the lonely scheme
    That soon somewhere you’ll find the one that used to care

    (Frank Sinatra – Only the Lonely)


Filmvorschau #24

Bahía blanca
Jess Franco Spanien 1984