Directed by Robert Hampton #3: Das Schwert des roten Giganten (1960)

“Another cheesy meatball”

Pretty average spectacle of the crank ‚em out kind that showed up every weekend when I was about six or seven.

Mickey Hargitay musta been busy greasin‘ up his biceps or frolicking around with Jayne and Reeves wanted good money so they opted for Roland Carey who despite a decent chest is very colorless and blah.

The plot is as thin as pizza but serves well for the usual blend of fight, flounder and flex.

To it’s credit there is some good fantasy music, a hilarious one eyed gorilla, a wacky witch and the requisite harem dance.

If you got some pals that are good with the MST3K style of back talk you’ll have plenty of fodder here. Fans of South Park will hardly resist a remark or two about Big Gay Al’s Big Gay Boat Ride.

If your a fan, check it out otherwise forget it unless you want something to clear the kids out of the room.