Remembrances floating between two dates – Walter E. Sear (1930 – 2010)

Walter E. Sear in „Lurkers“ (Roberta Findlay, 1988)

    To the eternal love of Walter E. Sear and Roberta Findlay

Between the the 27th and 29th of April 2020 the footprint Walter E. Sear left in the world of music, filmmaking but more than that human interaction lingers on especially dominant before gradually retreating again to where all things now unliving and carried on by fond memories alone reside. For today is stuck precisely between what would have been his 90th birthday and what will be the 10th anniversary, the first real milestone, the harshest one for most bereaved, of his passing. Sear, a New Yorker since practically ever, his family moved to Queens when he was only one year old, and forever, was a pioneering recording engineer and tinkerer on all things emitting peculiar sounds, a musician and composer, he produced films, wrote, scored, directed and sold them as successfully as he sold instruments. And that’s only half it, a person like him can only ever be measured in half truths and thinly veiled wonder. He was a true powerhouse of creative thought. Thought that must have connected him easily and even in fleeting everyday passing to another powerhouse of imaginative ventures when they first ran past each other in the decidedly non-romantic offices their different yet closely entwined lines of work made them frequent. Walter E. Sear and Roberta Findlay met in 1976, petty circumstances, while visiting a fellow yet inconsequential for theirs connection and they grew inseparable soon after. Weiterlesen…